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Build 2017 highlights, including Microsoft’s new Fluent Design, are on tap with Robert & Chris this week, as well a little drooling (ok, a lot) over the new Surface Pro.

Chris and Robert take a break from hiatus for a quick look at the new Microsoft Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. We’re ecstatic about the battery life expectations and the sexy new Surface Laptop’s design, but where does it fit? Is Windows 10 S just Windows RT all over again? Tune in for that discussion and more!

We’re on hiatus…

November 7, 2016

Every now and then the day job and real-life gets a little hectic. We’re taking a break for a while, but thanks for listening! Here’s hoping we can resume sometime in the near future.

Chris and Robert are back again for a pre-Surface Studio chat. Don’t worry, we’ll be posting our thoughts on that shortly. This week:

We discuss Instagram’s port to desktop. Microsoft’s new CACHE app. Microsoft’s new booking feature built for Facebook. Outlook Premium. We check in on the Surface and NFL program. Some small speculation on the events coming up. We discuss the newest builds of Windows and Chris’ lust over the Linux sub system improvements. Lastly, Robert briefly dives into his QA passion.

Robert and Chris discuss the latest Rogue One trailer. They talk Robert’s woes with the new Outlook.com. Chris dives into his latest experiences with .NET Core. They consider what MS could get out of a Twitter purchase (and their feud with Salesforce). What’s new with the latest Windows Insider build. They briefly touch on the latest in the Band 3 saga. And finally, what they’re hoping for with Microsoft’s October event.

Episode 10 – Acceptance

September 24, 2016

Robert and Chris are back to opine about what’s next in the world of Microsoft.

  • Robert’s Move to iOS (!?)
  • Elite X3 Stability Issues.
  • An enlightening discussion on Meyerson and Nadela Memos.
  • Is Microsoft ‘Missing’ Mobile a blessing in disguise?
  • A brief tangent on the transportation industry.
  • What’s next for UWP?
  • What’s the real-world impact of the Centennial Bridge.
  • Our poll for favorite / most used iOS apps.
  • Cortana in the personal assistant war.

Robert and Chris are back after a few weeks off discussing the latest news in Microsoft.

In this episode: QA Problems, Robert’s One Plus 3, Swift Key, Belfiore’s back, Robert’s Thoughts on the iPhone announcements, Surface Phone speculation, new Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) features in practice along with the recent news on Band (or not?) and, lastly, Robert and Chris try to figure out if Microsoft wants or cares to be a consumer company and what kind of investment it would take to do so. Whew! it’s a big one, folks!

This afternoon beginning at 6PM EST, our domain host is performing hardware upgrade migrations that may cause some downtime. We apologize for any interruption to your listening activities today, but everything should be back to normal later this evening.

Episode 8 – An Addendum

August 26, 2016

Robert and Chris discuss the latest Surface Ad, the Anniversary Update for Windows Mobile addendum, the new UWP toolkit, speculate a great deal about Redstone 2 and what it means for a potential Surface Phone, and finally how Microsoft stores may not be the most profitable, but a great endeavor for Microsoft.

With a slow news week; We pull apart Windows 10 controversies. Whether we consider ourselves, ‘full stack,’ developers. If the .NET crowd feels left out when Microsoft talks about iOS bridges and new open source initiatives. Why you likely couldn’t pry our desktops away from us. How our Pro-Apple families deal with us. Whether or not the Insider program is a cult (and whether or not that’s a bad thing). And lastly, how Microsoft’s newer hardware initiatives are winning over Chris’ toddler.

Referenced in show: After Big Windows 10 Update it’s Still a Work in Progress